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Tyqon stood over the bed and watched the sleeping Yorana thoughtfully in the darkness. Her chest lifted calmly in the rhythm of slow breaths; her graceful curves deserved his admiration.

The blanket fell of the bed, so he picked it up and covered the naked female body which, apart from its artistic perfection, did not attract him too much. He frowned with discontent, walked to the bar and poured himself a glass of brandy. He thirstily took it to his mouth, and he gulped almost half of it at once. He headed to the balcony with it, stood next to the stone railing, and raised his head to the moon, two days away from a full moon. He frowned at it for a moment, as if he envied its shimmering-decent brightness while a gloomy darkness spread slowly within him. He ran his left hand through his hair, as if he could get rid of those unpleasant feelings.

Reflexively he caught the sound of stealthy footsteps. He leaned out of the balcony and looked into the dark yard.

A lean back curled gracefully along the path between the garden ornamental vegetation. The pointy-eared head was following the trail on the ground. The warm wind buried its invisible fingers into the animal’s fur, which looked as soft as silk in the silver moonlight. It tread silently on its large paws, lifted its head up for a moment, and caught a scent.

It was huge.

Tyqon finished the other half of the glass and kept his eyes on the animal.

A wolf!

Suddenly, Tyqon’s ears heard a new sound – light footsteps on the dry soil. Someone was coming from the other side of the garden, unaware of the wolf. Tyqon was sure that the animal was as surprised by the new visitor as he was. He walked cautiously to the other side of the balcony.

He saw the wolf crouch and wait, motionless.


Why isn’t she sleeping in the room?

She was walking barefoot in a long white men’s shirt, stroking the delicate rose petals along the way and turned her face to the wind to caress her. She was enjoying its warm strokes. He saw her excitement when she found the fountain. She sat on the edge of it and she scooped some water into her hands, glittering in the light of the round moon.

The wolf began to creep carefully into Slavena’s direction. He was in no hurry.

Tyqon watched intently to see what would happen.

Little did the girl know that a pair of wild eyes were watching her cautiously. The wolf came as close as possible to stay unnoticed and watched her warily for a moment. Then he jumped out, right in front of Love.

Tyqon saw how she jumped. She instinctively backed away, lost her balance and fell into the fountain. It only took a moment for her wet head to appear, then her upper body and her shirt clung to her skin. She froze on all fours like a lurking cat and stared at the wolf. She didn’t say anything.

The wolf stood on the marble edge of the fountain with its front paws and bowed its large head to her. Love crouched down, but didn’t look away. The distance between them was only a few centimetres. Tyqon didn’t even breathe.

And then it came.

A swarm of stars fell through the night. They scattered from the north and enclosed the moon in a brief fiery embrace. An invisible hand began to cover the moon. As if it wanted to erase the paleness from its cheeks. As it began to uncover it again, a stream of blue light poured out of it. Tyqon shuddered, staring in disbelief at the sky, his heart pounding from the sudden fear. Blue moon!

The cup fell out of his hand and broke on the stone floor of the balcony.

“Sir!” Mr. Kim shouted behind him. He was as unsettled as he was. Only that unique situation allowed him to enter Tyqon’s room uninvited, when a woman was lying in his bed.

“He found her!” Tyqon barely came to his senses. He didn’t look at Mr. Kim, but looked down at the wolf and Love.

The two seemed to be frozen in time, imprisoned in the magical glow of the blue moon. It looked as if the fallen stars settled on their shoulders.

Neither of them moved.

“All wolves will come to the mountains!” Mr. Kim’s voice trembled.

“Fate has hit their family again! It chose Torqat and introduced him to his chosen one!”

Rubrika: BLUE MOON